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Marilyn's family migrated from Eastern Europe. She left life in the USA and searches the World for adventure and opportunity. The search goes on...

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Global Investing Global Investing—is a newsletter for investors seeking to build an International portfolio of stocks and bonds from around the world without leaving Wall Street or their regular brokers. Find out more— click logo...

Cyberspace Marketplace Cyberspace Marketplace—is a High–Quality Superstore with a lot of "neat stuff!" at low–low prices! Select your perfect item(s) from around the world—without leaving your comfortable PC armchair. You will love what you find here! Your IntimateOther will love you for your "perfect" selection(s). Your friends and business associates will take special note of your good taste and thoughtfulness. Looks best with InternetExplorer. Find out more— click logo...

The Newbie Club The Newbie Club—No matter how experienced a computer or Internet user you may be, there comes a time when you need technical help. Maybe your Computer "breaks" or one of your programs starts acting up. Who did you turn to for help? Well now there's FREE help available from the most innovative and friendliest Website on the Net—The Newbie Club. Or should I say the NEW Newbie Club, because they've just launched their new site and I can tell you it's nothing short of ... EXTRA-ORDINARY! Find out more— click logo...

Make Wealth—Keep Wealth—Enjoy Wealth

Gary A. Scott—Helpful people, stimulating ideas and useful resources to help you live a healthier, more affluent and fulfilling life.

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  • Global Health Secrets
  • Great Places To Be
Gary was one of the first advisors to suggest global investing thirty years ago. In his decades of global research and teaching he unearthed investments that were among the century's best. Some readers(and Gary) made millions. Yet a haunting question gnawed at Scott. Information he gave all his readers was the same. Some investors earned fortunes. Others made only a little. Some lost! Why did some succeed while others failed? Gary's quest to answer this question and uncover the deepest fundamentals of wealth have resulted in the information shared at this site. Find out more—

Make Wealth—Keep Wealth—Enjoy Wealth

Maja, the Girl from the
Nile Maja, the Girl from the Nile—Celebrate the female spirit. Come hither all you dancing goddesses—OK, aspiring goddesses will do. Maja, the Girl from the Nile, is making the art of belly dancing accessible to everyone. Working women, housewives, seniors and children are discovering this ancient art of getting in touch with their inner self. Originally from Egypt, Maja is spreading the power of belly dancing to those who are enchanted by the dance. She leads small groups on special cultural tours to Egypt, emphasizing Middle Eastern Dance (Dance Orientale). Her annual Meeting of the Tribes—American Tribal Bellydance—is the largest event of its kind on the East Coast. Find out more— click logo...

More Luck Change Your Luck Fast—Revealed! The Secret That Can Make You "Success Prone"— "Command More Luck" provides simple techniques for anyone who wants to improve their luck and their success rate. It's perfect for those who want to get more cooperation from life. Find out more—

"Command More Luck"

Exploration Borneo Tours—Borneo head-hunters and the "Wild Men of Borneo" have been painted in the minds of early explorers for centuries. Come to Borneo and experience—Walking sticks and leaves, flying foxes, squirrels, snakes, frogs and flying lemur. Combine these phenomenon with the world's oldest rainforest, the world's youngest granite mountains and stretches of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and diverse coral reefs. We strive protect our heritage and environment as sustainable tourism. We have more than fifteen years experience—winner of Malaysia Tourism Highest Award for Best Tour Guide. Find out more— click logo...

Explore Borneo!

Patagonia—the region where the adventure takes place. Characterized for its special geographic profile since the moment of its discovery—"the land of the big foot"—later turned into "PATAGONIA". This region—terrible in its barrenness, luxurious in its goodness, imposing always, the scenery of the adventure "Patagonia, Argentina and Chile".

Patagonia...safaris, the Land, the Wines

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