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Table of Contents
  • “The Truth...
    About Your Telephone Service”
    by Marilyn King

  • “Where Else Would You Celebrate
    St. Patrick's Day?” by Susan Dunn

  • “Rediscover Portugal, An Unknown Friend!” by Jorge Mak

  • “Cruise Away This Wave Season!”

  • “Experience Old World Elegance...
    Cunard's Europe”

  • “Why is Now...the Best Time
    to Visit the Americas?”

  • “Explore Hawaii”

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“The Truth...
About Your Telephone Service”

Marilyn King

My daughter sells the best telephone and communications service available in the United States. This quality service is expanding globally. I am very proud of my daughter. She listens to "Mom" and supports "quality" products and services.

Beth is a Discount Phone Service Specialist. With Excel Service, you save money when you phone in town or around the world

Beth Works At Home  

Thousands Now Save Money Who Never Thought They Could...
After Phone Company Deregulation

In 1996 the monopoly exploited
by your local telephone service was deregulated!

In April 2002 Excel Telecommunications and Vartec Telecom merged and created the largest privately owned telecommunications company in North America. They then acquired licensing in all 50 states to offer local telephone service.

You no longer have to put up with your local telecom company. They had you where they wanted you. They continue to offer poor service. You now have a choice. Companies like Verizon and Qwest are in a struggle for survival. Their death grip on the industry is lost. Excel offers all services your local phone company would...only with better customer care...and respect

Excel now offers long distance and 3 packages for local service:

MyLine Basic—$29.95 per month, Unlimited local calling, 3 calling features (Call Waiting, Call Return, and Three Way Calling). Long distance rates are 6.9 cents per min. for in-state and state-to- state calls in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, and the Mariana Islands.

"Friends are Free" allows you to make and receive FREE calls to and from other MyLine package customers.

MyLine Value—$39.95 per month, Unlimited local calling, 5 calling features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Return, Three Way Calling, Call Block). Long distance rates are 4.9 cents per min for in-state and state-to-state calls in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, and Mariana Islands. "Friends are Free" (same as above)

MyLine Complete—$49.95 per month, Unlimited local calling, up to 10 calling features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Return, Three Way Calling, Call Block, Priority Call, Call Forwarding, Auto Redial, Speed Dial, Anonymous Call Rejection). Long distance rates are 0.0 cents per min...that's right...FREE for all in-state and state-to-state calls in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, and Mariana Islands. "Friends are Free" (same as above)

When you switch over to Excel Local service, you keep your existing phone number.

By the way...Excel also offers wireless, Internet, and web solutions.

The greatest benefit Excel offers you, my customer, is your personal telecommunications consultant. I signed you up for your Excel service. If you have any problems, want to make any changes, or just chat over the phone line, you can contact me whenever you wish.

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Beth Berenfeld
I work at home ... You can too!

3007 Rucker Ave. #101
Everett, WA 98201

Email me now:

"I talk to the World with Excel!"

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“Where Else Would You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?”
Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach

Dia dhuit ("Hello!")
"The road from Chicago to Ireland is marked in green," they say, and the annual dying of the Chicago River emerald green is described as "right up there with the parting of the sea by Moses and the Pyramids of Egypt." Well, what's a little blarney, it's St. Patrick's Day.

And how is this different from the normal murky green of the River? "The difference," the official Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade website says, "is both significant and breathtaking." (Where is that stone when we need it most?)

Stephen M. Bailey, the man who dyed the River green the first time, said, "with characteristic Irish exaggeration, 'The Chicago River will dye the Illinois, which will dye the Mississippi, which will dye the Gulf of Mexico, which will send green dye up the gulf stream across the North Atlantic into the Irish Sea, a sea of green surrounding the land will appear as a greeting to all Irishmen of the Emerald Isle from the men of Erin in Chicagoland, USA." Malarkey!

This is my hometown we're talking about, the Windy City, and where better to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? On this side of the Big Pond at any rate.

Shannon Rovers Fife and
Drum Corps The legendary Richard J. Daley took part in the first St. Patrick's Day Parade formed on Chicago's West Side in the 50s, before he became mayor. Here's a photo of the Shannon Rovers Fife and Drum Corps (Irish Pipe Band) stepping off the parade since 1956

Irish and Catholic is the heritage of the City, not the only one in this melting pot city, but a strong one. My father, Ray Garrett (a good Irish name) loved his hometown, knew its history well, and was always telling me tales. Every single time we rounded one curve on the road into Chicago from the suburbs he would say, "This is evidence of the power of the Catholic Church in this town." The whole highway had been swung around to allow a Catholic Church to remain standing. This may be the subject of Eleen Skerrett's book, "At the Crossroads: Old Saint Patrick's and the Chicago Irish."

"Influential" others would say about the Irish in Chicago, and strong in number. The Irish were one of the largest groups of immigrants to the US and were always a large and influential group in Chicago, especially politically. According to Eastern Illinois University included:

  • 1836, the Illinois and Michigan Canal opened, linking Lake Michigan and the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. Much of the labor was done by the Irish.
  • In 1893, John P. Hopkins became Chicago's first Irish Catholic major.
  • In 1900, Charles Comiskey, son of an Irish immigrant, founded the Chicago White Sox.
  • In 1955, Richard J. Daley was elected mayor and stayed in office until his death, December 1976.
And what about the wearing of the green? The three leaf clover or seamóg became a symbol of Ireland and was worn by the Irish regiments of the Queen's Army. According to the official Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade site, "when it became an emblem of rebellion in the 19th century, Queen Victoria outlawed wearing it — the wearing of the green — and made it punishable by death by hanging.

Fittingly sponsored by Chicago Journeyman Plumbers Local Union 130 U. A., (which raises funds by holding their annual corned beef and cabbage dinner in January at Plumber's Hall, and $55 per person at that), this year's parade will be held Saturday, March 13th at noon on Columbus Drive.

Dineen Meanwhile, a citywide search is on for "Chicago's fairest Colleen". This bonny lass will lead the parade riding an authentic Irish Side Car. The qualifications? "Any girl of Irish ancestry, never married, 17–28 years old." Take a look at last year's beautiful red-haired winner, Jaime Dineen, robed in emerald green satin and her court — Mary, Colleen, Megan and Bridget.

And what can you do while in Chicago? In a town full of architecture, museums, culture, art, fun, shopping, theater and the home of urban blues, it's just a matter of walking out the hotel door. Chicago also has a long history of great food — remember the cattle were sent up to the Chicago Stockyards for fattening? A small point, but not if you're a bread-lover — rolls in Chicago are sublime, crisp on the outside, yielding to a soft and chewy interior. Move over France. Eat in a "Grill" if you can; it's a special ambiance.

Chicago has an excellent and affordable public transportation system (bus, cab and elevated train, "el") that will carry you wherever you want to go.

Here are some of my favorites. Do consider staying over through Tuesday, as most museums in Chicago are FREE on this day—

  • Chicago Museum of Art— This is a must. Housed in a Classical Renaissance building with the famous lions out front, you'll see some of your favorites, and you'll recognize Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon," from that great scene in "Ferris Buehler." Like Hopper? There are some great ones there. Maybe the lions will be wearing green. At Christmas time they have wreaths around their necks.
  • The Field Museum— A premier natural history museum now featuring "Live Over Time" exhibit with "Sue," the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.
  • The Sears Tower— North America's tallest building where you'll get a panoramic view of the city and Lake Michigan.
  • Chicago Museum of Science & Industry— Using interactive displays back in the 50s, this museum is full of things that clank and buzz and whirr, offering something for all ages. It's billed as the largest science museum in one building in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The list goes on, including Lincoln Park Zoo still free after all these years, the Shedd Aquarium, the Miracle Mile (shopping), the original Marshall Field's and more.
  • The North Shore— I would suggest you rent a car and head up Lake Shore Drive to look at the beautiful suburbs and lake views, including many parks — Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka. They move rapidly along the Drive and contain some of the most beautiful homes in the US, as well as a few Frank Lloyd Wright structures. Along the drive you'll see Northwestern University, and the world famous Ba 'hai Temple, known locally as "the lace building." For photo go here—
  • In Wilmette, stop at the Pancake House. This is not IHOP. Official name, Walker Bros. Original Pancake House, 153 Green Bay Rd., 847-251-6000 , map is here— Walker Bros. Original Pancake House

    How to prepare?

  • Put "The Secret of Roan Inish" in the DVD—
  • Start listening to "The Danny Boy Collection"—
    by yes, the great Irish tenor, John McDermott
  • Take a quick read of "Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago," by Mike Royka (secondhand on for pennies—
  • And head on up to Lake Michigan.
Go raibh maith 'ad and slán agat. (Thank you and Goodbye).

©Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach, I offer coaching, distance learning courses, and ebooks around emotional intelligence for your personal and professional development. Fast and long-term results for transitions, career and relationships.




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Shamrock Club
Marilyn King is an Ireland Specialist certified by Tourism Ireland. Their Shamrock Club is the official organization for preferred agents promoting Ireland. Marilyn has been an official member of The Shamrock Club since May 2003.


“Rediscover Portugal, An Unknown Friend!”
Jorge Mak

Long before Columbus had reached the shores of the later called United States of America, a humble bunch of intrepid seamen came ashore as they have "discovered a new land". They have left no signs of their stopover but, instead, they collected knowledge and left resuming their journey throughout the seas. Once back home, these seamen told their King that there actually was land on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. As usual, all this knowledge remained in secrecy as they carried on with their journeys all through the seas.

These seamen came in the later XIII century, when their Kingdom started the boldest adventure of Mankind to that date: the "Discovery of the Earth" via the oceans.

Secrecy about their findings was a vital part of the endeavor as other already powerful nations were also interested on the richness allegedly existent in undiscovered parts of the World. For national interest purposes, discoveries were to be maintained "unknown" for the majority, while they unrelentingly sailed around the Globe, leaving their signs and providing new "worlds to the World".

Peace, understanding and knowledge were their primary goals, instead of a ruthless conquest spirit that their competitors retained. They brought the "word of the Lord" to the World instead of chaos, death and theft. A mission beyond material profits led these brave seamen all over the Earth, spreading a word of mercy. These seamen were Portuguese people.

After so many Centuries, America has become one of the greatest nations worldwide. America's power takes people to the Moon, has led perilous crusades against Evil and has given us a huge technologic push. Time has come, though, for America to "rediscover" it's oldest and yet unknown friend: Portugal!

Jorge Mak is a freelance writer, and owns a specialized consulting firm —
Did you know that Portugal is the golfing hotbed
of Europe? —




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Wave Season Header

Cruise Away This Wave Season!!

Wave Season Time to Cruise Can any vacation experience offer more than the romance of the sea? The sun shines down on the polished deck, the gentle breeze blows softly over you as you lie on your lounge chair. You admire the view from the ship's deck, listening to the sounds of the ocean sliding past. Picture the beautiful sights around you, sumptuous meals whenever you want, a comfortable cabin, and entertainment galore. Celebrate! With these outstanding Wave Season prices, there is no better time to plan your cruise vacation.

Norwegian Sky: A Cruise to Remember
Exotic Southern Caribbean Cruise
7 nights from $449 (USD)

Norwegian Sky National Geographic rated St. Thomas as one of the top destinations in the world for sailing, scuba diving, and fishing. St. Johns is filled with excellent restaurants, bars and exciting nightlife. Martinique offers remote sandy beaches and hiking trails into the mountains. Tortola is all about green hills, blue skies, pink sunsets, and powdery sand. While onboard, you will find superior service and splendid accommodations, with a wide variety of places to relax while watching the ocean slip by.

Ryndam: Five-Star Fiestas
7-Day Mexican Riviera Cruise
7 nights from $699 (USD)

HAL Ryndam It's five-star cruising from Holland America, oceans apart along the Mexican Riviera. Life unfolds effortlessly on board at a gracious pace. Optional shore excursions invite you to explore wonderful new places. With the option of reaching your convenient homeport of San Diego by car, train, motorcoach or air, getting to and from the ship has never been easier or more economical.

Vision of the Seas to a Tropical Paradise
12-Night Hawaii Cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver
12 nights from $999 (USD)

Royal Caribbean Vision The Vision of the Seas is highlighted by walls of glass offering breathtaking views and a dramatic two-story dining room with sweeping staircase. Here, you will find paradise under Maui's waterfalls and along winding back roads on a four-wheel adventure through Kauai. Within rainforests and exotic orchid-scented botanical gardens on Hawaii. And on tours past Oahu's Diamond Head and Koko Head volcanoes. Aloha.

To Bermuda and across the Atlantic
10 Day Ft. Lauderdale to Madeira Cruise
9 nights from $2498 (USD)
Two-for-One fare

Radisson Seven Seas Voyager Seven Seas Voyager offers a number of extraordinary features and it offers one of the highest space-to-guest ratios in cruising, hosting just 700 privileged guests in unmatched luxury. All-suite, all-balcony accommodations are standard for every guest. Some of the more popular elements of the Seven Seas Navigator's celebrated design include ultra-spacious marble bathrooms with separate showers and full bathtubs. Guests also enjoy four distinctive restaurants.

Insignia in the Mediterranean
Rome to Barcelona Cruise
10 nights from $1399 (USD)

Oceanic Insignia At Oceania Cruises, you will explore the enchantment of Europe in unrivaled comfort. Tailored itineraries include overnight stays at some of Europe's most alluring ports to allow you the time to immerse yourself in the rich history, culture and local flavors. There is ample time to explore and experience the culture, tastes and sights of this land so steeped in history because we usually sail at night, arriving at a new port each morning. This journey begins in Rome, with stops in Sorrento, Livorno, Portofino, Monte-Carlo, Marseille and Palma Mallorca Island before arriving in Barcelona.

Marco Polo: Discover Antarctica
Antarctica & Chilean Fjords - Santiago to Ushuaia
17 nights from $5795 (USD)

Oceanic Marco Polo This thrilling itinerary combines an expedition to the White Continent with the distinctive cultures and wonderful scenery of Chile and Argentina. You'll begin with a two-night hotel stay in the Chilean capital of Santiago, backed by the snowy peaks of the Andes. Then board Marco Polo, sailing along the west coast of Chile with its glacier-studded fjords and emerald lakes.

Windstar to Tahiti
Tahiti - Free Air and 2nd Cruise for $295
Starting at $2795* (USD)

Wind Star Romance Under Sail is the best way to describe the Wind Star in Tahiti and her islands with 148 privileged guests in 74 Deluxe Outside Staterooms cruising roundtrip from Papeete calling at: Raiatea, Huahine, cruising by Taha'a with overnights in Bora Bora and Moorea. You and your loved one could cruise on the newly refurbished Wind Star stateroom from *$2795pp category B including Coach Air from 78 gateways PLUS add a 2nd Tahiti cruise from only **$295pp on select sailings!

Summit to Alaska
14 Night Alaska Cruise
14 nights from $1450 (USD)

Celebrity Summit Celebrity offers the Alaska you've always dreamed of seeing. From immensely beautiful landscapes to the simplest yellow wildflower - we offer insights on all the many wonders of Alaska. Walls of ice stretch 5,000 feet to shake hands with the sky. The murmur of prospectors haunt old-world shops and saloons. Totem poles scowl over temperate rain forests while salmon jump through crisp mountain streams. See it all on this scenic cruise to Alaska.


Prices that include airfare do not include certain additional government taxes and fees, including but not limited to:
  • (a) Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $18 (USD), depending on itinerary.
  • (b) the September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 (USD) per flight segment (a takeoff and a landing), with a maximum of $5 (USD) per one-way flight or $10 (USD) per round trip.
  • (c) Federal Segment Fees of $3.10 (USD) per flight segment.
  • (d) a Travel Facilities Tax of up to $13.80 (USD) per round trip for domestic flights beginning or ending in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • (e) for international travel, foreign and U.S. government-imposed charges of up to $200 (USD) per round trip, depending on routing and destination.

    All prices are subject to availability and change.

  • Convince your "significant other" to take a cruise with you!—

    Flight To Quality—
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    From the Baltic to the Mediterranean, Europe is surrounded by water. It just makes sense to explore the Old World by sea. And there is no better way to do this than amid the British ambiance of Cunard aboard Queen Elizabeth 2. You will enjoy the flavor of Europe on board and ashore.
    Save up to 50%!
    Fly Round-trip from $99

    Mediterranean Vistas
    14 Days–July 3, 2004

    Iberian Summer
    14 Days–July 17, 2004

    Mediterranean Treasures
    14 Days–July 31, 2004

    Fares are per person, cruise only, based on double occupancy and are in U.S. Dollars. Round-trip Economy Class air add-on available for $99 per person from select Eastern gateways, $199 from select Central gateways and $299 from select Western gateways. Offer is not combinable with any other savings or promotional program. Offer is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Government fees, taxes and gratuities are additional. Ship Registry: Great Britain © 2004.

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    “Why is Now...the Best Time to Visit the Americas?”
    Marilyn King

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    Soft Scuba  

    "The Soft Scuba Adventurer"


    Diving Two-by-Two a stand-alone this one. You will find exciting dive adventure destinations. You will find trip reports...we dive what we sell. You will find your latest specials...

    Fin on over to Soft Scuba

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