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Marilyn's family migrated from Eastern Europe. She left life in the USA and searches the World for adventure and opportunity. The search goes on...

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Have you considered... our world will never be the same again. There's no such thing as a safe haven. Have you asked yourself—do I want to stay home the rest of my life and worry? Or do I want to continue my travels! Have a life full of rich experiences! Share other cultures and lands! Let's get on with our lives!

Explore new destinations. You will enjoy new adventures. By air, by car, by rail. By river boat and cruise ship. By balloon! Lodge in a Castle, Parador, Pousada or Manor House. Learn how to cook the Mediterranean way. You will enjoy extraordinary dining experiences. Would you like to taste fine wines at a vineyard or wine cellar? Maybe pamper yourself at a spa? And...fly at a discounted fare!

Our recent adventures—a year living in Prague with many visits to the Czech countryside. Croatia's beaches and islands. Germany, Austria and France. We have driven through Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary. We lived in a small beach town near Alicante, Spain! Now, we are traveling south—following the Mediterranean.

Quaint villages and mighty castles. Lush green countrysides and clear azure waters. Golden sunshine and lavender shadow. Breathtaking beauty of massive peaks. Colors, textures and patterns. History, magic and romance. Our adventures continually take new directions— Explore our site! Explore our world!


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